Jena Wirtschaft

How do I plan long-term success?

The launch is completed and day-to-day life is slowly settling in. Some processes are already clearly structured, others still setting up. Many business questions and challenges only arise after starting your business. But all entrepreneurs should be aware of their rights and obligations. That includes paying your taxes, correctly designing your contracts and providing information as required by law. More about contracting

Covering your entrepreneurial risks should also stay on the agenda, not only with company insurance (e.g. against theft or for liability) but also your personal coverage. More about insurance

Development & Growth

All business activities are aimed at generating sales and profit. Entrepreneurs can do a lot to grow their sales. Expanding to markets abroad, cooperation and a solid marketing plan are building blocks for solid growth.

To plan your business expansion in Jena you can find suitable contacts for Office Space & More and Financing.

Local networks, Chamber of Industry & Commerce, Chamber of Trade as well as business associations offer support for joint projects, trade shows as well as programmes for professional development. Contacts can be found under Links & Downloads.

But sometimes business does not go as planned. In that case it is necessary to act quickly avoiding damages or even bankruptcy. Your start-up consultant can advise you on additional support available.

Consulting after the launch

Many business questions and challenges only arise after starting your business. Take advantage of opportunities to receive expert advice. Funding may be available. Your start-up consultant can give you more information about funding programmes you might be eligible for.

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