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To choose the right location for your start-up or for the expansion of your business you need to consider a variety of factors. Retailers, for example, need a different environment than manufacturers or freelancers. Before making a decision all relevant hard and soft location factors should be examined closely.

Jena offers several start-up centres as well as coworking spaces. Also, entrepreneurs can get advice from Jena Business Development on available rental and commercial space.

SOBAEXA Coworking UG
Carl-Zeiss-Platz 3
07743 Jena

Contact: Daniela Scheler
Mobile: 0152 / 019 742 74
Email: info(at)
Website: SOBAEXA-Coworking

Further Languages: English, Spanish



    • Consulting for entrepreneurs-to-be and non-profit organizations, in particular for Liberal Professions (Freie Berufe) incl. healthcare professions
    • Preparation of business plans
    • Consulting on securing sustainable livelihood
    • Rental of group and seminar room, (shared) offices, Coworking spaces with flexible conditions in central location
    • Workshops and networking events

      Kombinat 01 | Coworking GmbH
      Westbahnhof-Str. 13
      07745 Jena

      Contact: Benny Beyer
      Tel.: 03641 / 7979-110
      Fax: 03641 / 7979-129
      Email: startup(at)
      Website: Kombinat 01


        • Consulting for creatives and freelancers
        • Analysis of consulting needs and the business idea
        • Development of business model, preparation of business plan
        • Consulting on public funding
        • Coworking space at Kombinat Süd and access to our network
        • Trainings, seminars and workshops

          Leuchtturm Jena
          Coworking im Damenviertel

          Thomas-Mann-Straße 27
          07743 Jena

          Contact: Jens Wipprich
          Tel.: 03641 / 5598 211
          Email: info(at)
          Website: Leuchtturm Jena


          • Arbeiten mit coolen Leuten in Jena: von der reinen Geschäftsadresse in Jena über Tageskarten für einen flexiblen Schreibtisch im OpenSpace bishin zum festen dauerhaften Schreibtisch mitten in Jena.
          • 24-Stunden-Zugang, schnelles Internet
          • Konferenzraum

          Technologie- und Innovationspark Jena mbH
          Visitor adress: Hans-Knöll-Str. 6
          Post adress: Wildenbruchstr. 15
          07745 Jena

          Contact: Randolf Margull
          Tel.: 03641 / 675 100
          Email: info(at)
          Website: TIP Jena


          • During business launch your first address to register with the Trade Office
          • Affordable office, workshop and lab space as well as presentable seminar, meeting and conference rooms for free use
          • Needs-based infrastructure
          • Integration into PR and technology-orientated networks
          • Up to three years rent-free (excl. utilities)*
            *FTI-funding for technology start-ups in Thuringian technology and start-up centers up to 100% max. €10,000 per annum, up to three years since business launch.

          Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
          (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
          Servicezentrum Forschung und Transfer

          Kahlaische Straße 1
          07745 Jena

          Contact: Dr. Oliver Pänke
          Tel.: 03641 / 930 869
          Email: gruenderservice(at)
          Website: K1 - Der Gründerservice der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

          Further Languages: English

          Ansprechpartner: Ralf Schindeck
          Tel.: 03641 / 9 402 120
          E-Mail: gruenderservice(at)
          Webseite: K1 - Der Gründerservice der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

          Weitere Sprachen: Englisch


            • Start-up consulting, review and development of business idea, preparation of business plan
            • Consulting on financing and public funding
            • Application for EXIST-funding and EXIST research transfer
            • Consulting on property rights and patent information service
            • Mentoring and scientific support of business launch
            • Workshops and lectures
            • Contacts to investors (Business-Angels & Venture Capitalists), network partners, facilitating the exchange of experiences with other entrepreneurs
            • Availability of free office space for idea development (“FreiRaum”)

              Jena Business Development enhances transparency and is providing important data and facts on the local real estate market. Despite a consistently low vacancy rate for commercial real estate market within the city, there is rental space available such as existing offices, warehouses, laboratories and shops.

              The real estate service of Jena Business Development is meant for business people and (future) entrepreneurs that would like to rent such an object. The team of the Business Service department at Jena Business Development helps to establish the relevant contacts and, if desired, offers to visit appropriate objects with the prospective takers. Ultimately, potential tenants will benefit from the excellent local and object-related knowledge of Jena Business Development.

              JenaBusiness - Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH Jena
              Leutragraben 2-4
              07743 Jena

              Contact: Markus Henkenmeier
              Tel.: 03641 / 87300-31
              Fax: 03641 / 87300-59
              Email: markus.henkenmeier(at)
              Website: JenaWirtschaft - Commercial Real Estate


              • Overview of commercial real estate and office space
              • Referral to relevant contacts
              • Monthly consultancy day for public funding information

              Real estate and commercial space in Jena

              You can find an overview of real estate agencies and commercial space developers in the company database of the city:

              Grundstücks- und Wohnungswesen in Jena